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Robotic Label Applicator 機器人智能貼標機
  Robotic AI Label Applicator easy large volume labeling job. No matter it is a food label, bar code label, composition label.
Increasing labor cost & shortage of worker is not a problem anymore.
It employ artificial intelligence vision technology on identifying object position & orientation such that the robot can speedy & accurately place the label on your designated area.

你的食品標籤,條形碼標籤,成分標籤 等繁重貼標工作 已不再是問題。
勞動力成本上升和工人短缺 可解決了。

Key components come from industry leading brands :

 4 axis robot - YAMAHA
 bar code label printer - TOSHIBA
 artificial intelligence machine vision system - COGNEX

  Label Robot






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