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  Sysscan Assets Management System
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Barcode / RFID Fixed Assets Management System

 Assets Management System Work For:
 Office Equipments  IT Assets
Office Equipments IT Assets
 Documents / Samples Others
Documents / Samples Any Other Physical Items

 Assets Management System helps you:

  • Record assets details
  • Item photos record
  • Location tracking
  • Movement record and history
  • Move In Out and control
  • Item Status monitoring
  • Loan/Return record
  • Maintenance alert and record
  • Stock taking by barcode or RFID with Multiple Handheld Terminals
  • Barcode / RFID Stock Take function
  • Reporting (standard or customized)

 Assets Management System Introduction:

- Fixed Assets Management System working with MS SQL server and MS .Net framework to maximize performance and capability with clients' computer system. Our solution uses the latest Barcode, RFID, Mobile Device technology and constantly update to take advantage of new development tools.

- Can work as a standalone system or cooperate with client existing ERP/admin system.

- All items will be labeled with Barcode / RFID to uniquely identify and records all details and movement history.

- With AMS, all check in, check out and stock take processes can be computerized to grately increase accuracy, efficiency and make all the items movements become traceable.

- AMS always comes with the handheld device module, checking process can be done accurately and real time information like checking list can be shown on the device.

- Advance Stock Take function to improve conventional process and performance. Function customizable for difference industry and item type.

 Project Reference:

Sysscan AMS had been developed more then 10 years and implemented in various industries. We provided consultation service and program fine tuning for each client to make best fit solutions. Our clients include:

  • World class commercial banks.
  • Universities in Hong Kong.
  • Manufacturiers of jewellery.
  • Security company (Document Management)
  • Government Exhibition Center Etc...
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