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2019 - Warehouse Middleware Integartion with Branford Ltd.

2018 - Warehouse Middleware Integartion with K11 Concept Store

2017 - Assets Management System (AMS) - Client: Mizuho Bank; Taipei Fubon; PUMA; Insurance Authority; Cheung Hing
2017 - Warehouse Management System (WMS) - BestMart360
2017 - Warehouse Middleware Integartion with Happypaws, Branford Toys, FOSSIL International

2015 - Assets Management System (AMS) - Client: THE BANK OF EAST ASIA, LTD.; Wing Fung

2014 - Assets Management System (AMS-RFID) - Client: The Chinese University of HK (Library);
2014 - Assets Management System (AMS-Barcode) - Client: The Chinese University of HK (Li Ka Shing Institute Of Health Sciences); Parkview International Ltd; Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited

2013 - Assets Management System (AMS) - Client: Hong Kong Baptist Hospital; SEIKO;
2013 - Warehouse Management System (WMS) - Client: Inflight; Hakuto (continuously system update)

2012 - Assets Management System (AMS) - Client: BELLE (continuously system maintenance)
2012 - Warehouse Management System (WMS) - Client: Ellsworth (continuously system update)

2010/02 - We are honored to announce that System Scanning Ltd has achieved the contract of supply ‘Unique Patient Identification (UPI) System’ to the Hospital Authority of Hong Kong (HA) in 2010, Provided that the barcode system to the HA with over 1000 sets of CODE 3500 handheld terminals and LUKHAN LK-P11 portable printer, for improving the positive patient identification services in the public hospitals.

2010/01 - Joyfully we are continuously awarded the 3 years contract for the supply of ‘Patient wristband & related accessories’ by Hospital Authority of Hong Kong (posses over 40 public hospitals) after 2 years contract from year 2008.

2009/10/19 - Please be kindly informed that our office will be relocated to following address with effect from 24 October 2009: Flat B, 9/F., China Fen Hin Building, 5 Cheung Yue Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon

2008/05/13 - SysScan show auto-ID SAP integration Solutions on "Compass Solution Day 2008" as Platinum Sponsor on June 13, 2008.

2008/01/26 - Sa Sa Cosmetic choose SysScan mobile WMS (Warehouse Middle-ware System) solution & SAP integration services. Totally over 200 pcs New Generation Mobile Terminal (Datalogic Memor) are adapted to replace existing Palm base Mobile Terminal in the shop & warehouse.

2007/12/05 - UPS Supply Chain Solutions - "International Freight Orders Management System",Sysscan release program update with enhanced performance and bug fixed.

2007/11/20 - Hong Kong Trade Development Council awards SysScan the Mobile VMS (Visitor Management System) Tender. CN3, INTERMEC's most updated rugged PDA & 2D Barcode technology are adopted to define a new generation of visitor registration method.

2007/10/19 - SysScan is continuously awarded by River Trade Terminal of their wireless network infrastructure Maintenance Services Contract

2007/07/11 - SysScan becomes Avery Dennison qualified RFID Label Converter!

Assets Management System
  Stock Take
    -Spot check in selected area
    -Checking list on Handheld device.
    -Concurrent checking with multiple

    -Multiple Stocks take schedule.
    -Complete/ Variance Report
    -Stock Adjustment
Check In/ Check Out
    -Check I/O form printing
    -Check I/O assets list printing
    -Electronic approval for check I/O
    -Check I/O by Handheld device

Assets relocation
    -Relocation and movement record  
AssetsManagementsystem AssetsManagementsystem
Facial Recognition System
- Automatic identify and record user information when face capture from camera.
- Unlike finger print Non-contact access is required.
- Biometric technology to prevent identity theft, fraud and forgery.
Increase security, capture and identification people access record automatically.
- Monitor and identify user gaining access to a room, entrance, etc.
- Multiple identification at same time, speedy record and verification.
Facial Recognition System
IATA606 Label Printing System
IATA606 Label Printing System is a software developed by our company which aims to full fill the need of a Air Cargo Forwarders in printing IATA 606 Labels. Includes (1) Master Label, (2) House 4" x 5" Label, (3) House 4" x 3" Label, (4) House 4" x 2" Label, (5) House 4" x 1.65" Label .. etc

Stock Control System
  Stockcontrol System

Show Room System is a software developed by our company which aims to full fill the need of a Company to manage his Show Room. Features Includes (1) Product Registration, (2) Product Label Priniting, (3) Real Time Quotation Printing, (4) Work with Mobile Device for making Quotation, (5) Product Enquiry via a Mobile Device

Library System
Library System is a software developed by our company which aims to full fill the need of a library daily work. It include several module that needed in a library. It is powerful but user friendly. They include (1) Login Module, (2) Database Management Module, (3) Borrow, return and reserve Module, (4) Report Module and (5) Configuration Module.

Barcode Collection System
Barcode Collection System is a software with the use of Handheld Terminal or Barcode Scanner. They work as a Mobile Data Collector to collect data from Barcode. It aims to full fill the data collection process via barcode. Generally, it can be applied in Stock Take Process or Goods Receiving Results Collection. For each Data Record, Time Stamp can be provided for Tracing Purpose. The Results Data can be exported as dBase IV, FoxPro or Plain Text file for Further Data Manipulation. It is simple but useful to fulfill what you need. It include several modules. They are (1) Collect Data, (2) Review Data (3) Upload Data , (4) Erase File (5) Time &Data updating and (6) Terminal I.D. It greatly improves the Efficiency and Accuracy from the Hand-Writing process style.

Visitor Management System
Visitor Management System is a software developed by our company which aims to full fill the need of a Exhibtion Organizer. Helping them to manage Information of Visitor and prepare Analysis Reports. Features include (1) Visitor Pre-Registration via Web, (2) Visitor Onsite Registration, (3) Visitor Badge Printing, (4) Entrance Counting, (5) Analysis Reports

Freight Management System - FreightOne
  Freight Management System - FreightOne
Freight Management System - FreightOne

Digital Signage CMS
WISE-PaaS/SignageCMS is a web-based content management system designed to deliver high-resolution multimedia in diverse formats to UShop+ signage players.

Construction Site Mobile Plant Safety System





Construction SIte Mobile Plant Safety System

RFID Temperature LOGGING Solutions
Registers the date, time (in UTC) and temperatures at programmable intervals. Up to 100,000 temperature events.

UWB Real Time Location System
Base on UWB technology, real-time object or person tracking.

Professional Store Stocktaking Services
Completely Outsource, Rental & Training Provided

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