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  <Customer Oriented >

  <幫助物流業滿足其客戶的倉庫管理系統特定要求 >


Applications/ Functions:

  • Full Inventory Control

  • Inbound / Outbound Control By customer Barcode

  • Pallet / Carton Relocation

  • Completed Stock Take / Cycle Count features

  • Daily Inbound / Outbound / Relocation Report

  • Stock Take Variance Report

  • Integrate with Logistics Player Internal WMS

  • Supports to export the Operation Result to Customer required System



 Tailor Made Track and Trace Handheld System

  <Customer Oriented >



Applications/ Functions:

  • Using Handheld Terminal & Customer QR Barcode to perform Track and Trace features

  • Supports to export Track & Trace result to Customer’s required system



 Tailor Made In / Out Control Handheld System

  <Customer Oriented >

  <幫助物流業滿足其客戶的進出貨物管理系統 >


Applications/ Functions:

  • Supports to import Customer Work Order and Item master Data File

  • By using Handheld Terminal and Customer QR Barcode to perform Inbound / Outbound Operation

  • Collects Item with SN Barcode by Imported Customer Work Order

  • Exports the In / out result to Customer Inventory System



 X-Ray Image / Airwaybill Matching System

  <RACSF 用戶喜訊>

  <匹配回cargo之X-Ray image到相應的Airwaybill空運單號 >


X-Ray Image / Airwaybill Matching




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